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As a key player in the electronics industry that continues growing dramatically through the advance in digital technologies and market globalization, we offer the most advanced semiconductors and high-performance electronic components manufactured by SONY and other major manufacturers.
With our unique and comprehensive technical service, we will satisfy our customers by finding the best solutions for their ever-changing needs.

We have established sales branches in five different locations in China Area (Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Taipei, and Shenzhen), as well as in Korea, Singapore and Thailand, to accommodate the customers' moves towards globalization by offering direct support to their overseas manufacturing and designing operations through our expanding network.
The network will also be utilized to find local components and introduce them to the Japanese market.

In addition, we offer electronic manufacturing services mainly at our own factory in Dongguan, China.


 Link to the web page of each supplier

  Semiconductors / Modules

Dai Nippon Printing
(image processing LSI, ASIC)

Dialog (semiconductors)

eASIC (structured ASIC)

HiSilicon (SoC)

JSMC (power devices)

Kinetic (PoE power SoC, PD controller )

Macronix (memory modules)

NANYA (memory modules)

Richtek (analog/power ICs)

SMART Modular (memory, storage)

Solomon Systech (display ICs)

Sony (semiconductors)

Transphorm (GaN power devices)

  Optical components

LUMENTUM (Optical communications /  3D sensing)

Sony (pickups)



Sony (polysilicon LCDs)

  Industrial lasers

LUMENTUM (Commercial lasers)


Bosch Sensortec (MEMS sensors)

  Measuring instruments / Filters

Viavi Solutions (measuring instruments / filters)


Murata Manufacturing (lithium-ion batteries)

  Adhesive materials / Optical materials

(Manufacturing and sales of electronic parts / adhesive materials / optical materials)

  EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Service)

By mainly utilizing our own factory in Dongguan, China, with cutting-edge surface mount technology and comprehensive purchase, production control and quality assurance functions, we offer high-quality electronic manufacturing services that suit customers' needs.


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