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Investor FAQ
About UKC

When was UKC Holdings established?

I would like to know the outline of your group companies.

What are the objectives of management integration?

When did UKC Holdings make its shares publicly available?

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Account settlement

When is UKC Holding's closing date?

Where can I obtain the latest financial data?

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Share related

Who is a transfer agent of UKC Holdings?

What is UKC Holdings securities code?

What is UKC Holdings trading unit?

How many UKC Holdings shares have been issued?

Does UKC Holdings have a special benefit plan for shareholders?

Where can I obtain information on the stock transfer process?

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About Management Integration

What is share transfer?

What is the calculation of the share transfer ratios based on?

I have USC or Kyoshin Technosonic shares. What should I do with them?

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