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IR Principles

 Target of IR

 Our basic policy of IR activities is to positively disclose easy-to-understand corporate information to all the stakeholders including shareholders and investors in a timely, accurate, fair, and continuous manner. We aim to obtain trusts and appropriate reputations from stakeholders by increasing transparency of the management through IR activities as well as by realizing ideal two-way communications with stakeholders.

 Attitude toward information disclosure

 We make efforts to disclose corporate information to all the stakeholders in a timely, appropriate, and positive manner, and to obtain their thorough understandings of our company. Not to mention corporate information disclosure like quarterly financial information stipulated by the laws and regulations, we try to improve a management transparency through disclosing other information as equally as possible.

 Information disclosure standard

 We make sure to secure a fair and smooth circulation of securities by disclosing corporate information with an accurate, fair, and timely manner in accordance with timely disclosure rules stipulated by Securities and Exchange Act, other laws and regulations, and Tokyo Stock Exchange. Also, we endeavor to improve management transparency by disclose information as fairly as possible not even categorized as disclosure items according to timely disclosure regulations.

 Means of disclosing corporate information

 We promote a fair information disclosure not only by disclosing information through Timely Disclosure System (TDnet) but also by posting the same information at our website.
In our website, our detailed corporate outline is described which helps deeply understand our businesses. In addition, you can find in our IR site various materials such as financial statements, highlights of our business performances, stock price, IR calendar, stock information, and contacts for inquiries. We make efforts to timely disclose and enrich corporate information, and establish a better communication with shareholders and investors. Also, we try to disclose information as promptly as possible by various ways like distributing IR mail magazines which contain the latest IR news.

 Information on future performance

 Our results briefings, documents issued, and contents of our website, may include current plans, forecasts, and strategies. Please note that those are made base on certain assumptions and actual results may differ significantly from them for a number of factors.

 Use of our website

 We aim to secure fairness by posting IR information at our website as promptly as possible. However, please note that posting on this website is a supplementary disclosing measure and it may take some time to post information due to technical problems etc.
 Also, this website is not intended for solicitation of investment. Each viewer is requested to make decisions on investment at his or her own discretion.
 Although we pay careful attention to the contents of our website, we shall not be responsible or liable for any losses, expenses or damages incurred by the use of or the access to this website.

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