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Risk Factors

As of the end of the current consolidated fiscal year, UKC recognizes that its group is exposed to risks which may affect operating results and financial position of UKC group, including, without limitation, the following.

 (a) Customers' demands and business seasonality

Customers of UKC group include manufacturers of AV products, PCs, cameras, and communication devices, broadcasters, and other enterprises.
Semiconductors and electronic parts that UKC group handles are integrated into finished goods manufactured by our customers. Also, equipment that UKC group handles is incorporated in operating processes of customers. Therefore, demands to and functions of finished goods manufactured by customers, and capital expenditure trend of customers may affect operating results of UKC group. In addition, sales of Electronic equipment business are concentrated in September and March when primary customers such as broadcasters, enterprises, schools, and governments execute capital expenditure budgets. Overestimating sales forecast in those periods may affect earnings forecast of UKC group.

 (b) High dependence on specific supplier

As UKC group primarily handles semiconductors and electronic parts manufactured by Sony, one of UKC’s major shareholders, dependence on Sony and its subsidiaries is high. Therefore, changes in management policies of Sony may affect operating results of UKC group.

 (c) Relations with suppliers

UKC group procures products from various suppliers inside and outside Japan.
Losses and shrinks in sales channels resulting from business restructuring such as M&A of suppliers and suppliers’ strategy changes in sales channels may affect operating results and financial position of UKC group.

 (d) Foreign Currency Fluctuations

UKC group has global business operations in Japan and Asia, and is vulnerable to risks associated with fluctuations in foreign currency exchange rates. Therefore, it tries to offset the risk with foreign exchange contracts. However, significant fluctuations may affect operating results.

 (e) Competition

As there are a number of competitions handling the same product categories as UKC group, severe price competition and product obsolescence accompanied by technology innovation may affect operating results.

 (f) Securing and developing human resources

UKC group recognizes that hiring and developing human resources with excellent skills and know-how is important for its business expansion and sustainable growth. Failure to hire and develop those resources may affect business deployment and operating results of UKC group.

 (g) Overseas business

UKC group regards expanding overseas business as its critical goal and has business operations outside Japan. Therefore, changes in political and economic situations, regulations and tax systems, debt collecting risk, workforce shortages and labor cost elevations in related foreign countries may affect operating results of UKC group.

 (h) Investment on new business

UKC group recognizes that promoting new businesses such as finding and selling new products, and moving into new areas, is important in order to sustainably grow. Before launching new businesses, decisions are made after thoroughly examining marketability and profitability.
However, in case of failure in establishing the original business plan due to a drastic change in market and a contingency, investment burden of human resources, facilities, and R&D may affect operating results of UKC group.

 (i) Investment on technology

UKC group as an electronics trade company strives to strengthen technological capabilities in order to differentiate itself from competitions and offer added value to customers. It also focuses in investing in human resources for the purpose of establishing a close cooperative relationship with suppliers and enhancing its raison d’être. However, scale of investment to respond to fast-evolving technology of semiconductors is steadily increasing. Failure to get a fair return on investment as the result of a setback of business may affect operating results and financial position of UKC group.

 (j) Natural disasters

UKC group is a trading company in a supply chain of the electronics industry. Natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and typhoons and accidents like fires could result in a breakdown of group-owned.

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