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Stock Information

Dividends policy

UKC regards a profit distribution to its shareholders as one of the highest priority issues, and sets a basic policy to pay dividends according to its earnings position.
UKC strives to establish its group management system that ensures improvement of middle@and long-term corporate value by investing to growing business domains and for rationalization, and consequently maintain stable dividends and improve dividends level.
Internal reserves are prepared for an increase in working capital accompanied by business expansion in addition to the above-mentioned investments.
Considering the basic policy above, UKC aims for consolidated payout ratio at about 20% to 25% in the short term and 25% to 30% in the medium term (within three years).
UKC plans to pay a dividend of 60 yen per common share (end of second quarter 30 yen, year-end 30 yen) for the fiscal year ending March 2017.

Dividends (results and forecast)

Payment of dividends

Interim (end of second quarter) and year-end

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