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Privacy Policy

UKC Holdings Corporation (gUKCh) observes laws and regulations concerning the protection of personal information, and properly handles personal information in accordance with the idea of respecting individual character.

@Basic Policy

Specification of and restriction by the purpose of utilization


UKC handles personal information within the scope of the purpose of utilization that is notified or publicly announced to the person. UKC obtains the content of the person in case laws and regulations stipulate regarding the purpose of utilization and its restriction.

Proper acquisition, notice of the purpose of utilization, etc.


UKC endeavors to notify or publicly announces necessary information such as the purpose of utilization of personal information and the scope of the joint users before acquiring personal information.

Maintenance of the accuracy of data


UKC endeavors to maintain the accuracy of personal data within the scope of the purpose of utilization.

Security control measures and supervision of employees and trustees


UKC endeavors to thoroughly educate employees on the matters of proper handling of personal information, takes proper measures overall including for trustees, and constantly review the management system.

Restriction of provision to a third party


UKC shall not provide personal data to a third party without obtaining the prior consent of the person except in the cases in which the provision of personal data is based on laws and regulations, etc.

Public announcement etc., Disclosure, Correction etc., Discontinuance of the Utilization etc.


UKC responds to requests and inquiries from a person about public announcement, disclosure, correction, discontinuance of the utilization etc. without delay.

Processing of complaints


UKC endeavors to establish an in-house system necessary for the purpose of appropriately and promptly processing complaints about the handling of personal information.

Inquiries concerning Privacy Policy of UKC Holdings

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