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In accordance with remarkable evolutions and developments in IT service area, UKC Technosolution strives to accomplish its missions to ceaselessly create new technologies for various customers’ needs and offer products and services with high added value.

In contactless IC card related area, we create original added values and respond to the needs of the time by combining NFC (Near Field Communication) technologies including those of Sony’s contactless IC card (FeliCa) with digital and communication technologies cultivated for more than forty years since our foundation as a system house.

In reliability test and environmental material analysis service area, our experienced staff precisely and promptly supports customers by one-stop services from conducting consulting service for problem investigation to offering analyses.

UKC Technosolution hopes to continue being a one and only partner to always stand by, offer original solutions to, and contribute to customers for their value creations, while produces synergistic effects as a group member of UKC Holdings, a global electronics distributor.

President Tomio Noguchi

Tomio Noguchi