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Contactless IC Card (FeliCa)

Our advanced technology brings security and comfort to people's lives.

In order to make people's lives more secure and more comfortable, product development is underway with the keyword of "Security/Safety" to integrate NFC (Near Field Communication) technologies such as SONY's non-contact IC card (FeliCa) with our core technologies in digital processing and communications that have been accumulated since the inception. The effort is yielding results in the form of unique original-concept products, such as a remote control electronic key system with personal ID and highly reliable FeliCa application devices, which will be introduced to the market shortly..

Accommodating diverse customer needs with the asset of digital control technology.

Advances in electronics are bringing a high degree of automation and precision to industrial devices. To accommodate new requirements in the industry, we also provide various development/designing services on a contract basis, utilizing our know-how in digital processing in the fields of communications, control systems, and imaging systems.

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